Testimonials for Princeton Yoga Therapy

I have osteoporosis and was confused about what poses I should be doing and the way I should be doing them. By working with Andrea I was able to learn how to do various yoga poses the correct way, which to avoid and have the confidence that I was not going to injure myself. She was sensitive to my needs and helped me understand that what I wanted was to ensure I could continue practicing over the long haul. She is wonderfully tuned in to her students and has a very gentle way of guiding and assisting you to achieve your goals.

- Maggie

When I came to Andrea, knowing of her reputation as a gifted practitioner of "restorative yoga," I was in a desperate way, physically and emotionally. Andrea graciously agreed to "take me in;" I'm now a regular client of hers. Because of these sessions with Andrea, my situation is much improved in all respects. I am more flexible physically and more mindful of the restorative power of yoga which I had never done before. I quickly learned from Andrea yoga's ability to heal, spiritually and physically. Andrea invites total emotional honesty; she creates a safe and secure place, such that I never feel pressured to achieve any pose or position. There is no "failing" with Andrea. Her sincerity and grace are palpable. Clearly there is a yogic light that shines brightly from within her and inspires anyone fortunate enough to be near her and one of her restorative yoga sessions.

- Bill, Princeton, NJ

At a time when I was experiencing high anxiety and fear in my life, I managed to find myself in a yoga based seminar taught by Andrea. To this day, I am still so grateful for that afternoon!

I had been going through a bit of a health scare, and that seminar was the first time that I experienced hope that I could have some control over my body and my health. I started attending Andrea's Gentle Yoga class on a regular basis. In the beginning, there were days that my anxiety was so bad, that it was all I could do to just get out of bed and attend a yoga class. I spoke to Andrea a lot, and she made some suggestions for me. I followed all of them as closely as I could. I was pretty desperate, and didn't want to go the anti-anxiety medication route, if I could help it. Slowly, I started to feel better and stronger. My tests came back with good results, and I was able to move forward with my life and start feeling "normal" again.

I will always remember that time in my life.The knowledge and kindness that Andrea showed to me were, and are still, deeply appreciated.

- Diane Dowler

I am so happy to call Andrea Sacchetti my yoga teacher. In each class, she creates an atmosphere of safety, confidence and peacefulness. A dedicated practitioner of yoga herself, Andrea is very student-oriented, completely focusing on our comfort and attentively directing our postures. She is generous in her teaching, passing on information to enhance our understanding of yoga.

Andrea speaks of the "gift" of yoga, and it surely is. I feel more flexible, more mindful as I move through each day, and my blood pressure is down over 20 points since I began working with her. Andrea's emphasis on the health and healing aspects of yoga practice has made positive changes in my life, and for that I am most grateful. Thank you, Andrea.

- Kate O'Connor

Recently, I completed Andrea Sacchetti's Yoga Makeover Program at Princeton Center for Yoga & Health. My previous experiences with yoga classes at PCYH and elsewhere had been extremely positive. However, for a variety of physical and emotional reasons, I had not been going to classes for some time and had never seriously considered starting a personal practice. Andrea's program presented me with an opportunity to reconnect with what I always instinctively knew was the right path for me.

Andrea is a compassionate and knowledgeable teacher. She touched on a wide variety of topics, ranging from skin care to meditation. She conveyed to all of us how the yogic philosophy can be applied to just about every aspect of our lives by offering many suggestions through discussion and handouts at the end of class. The private sessions included in the program were also extremely valuable in addressing any specific concerns and/or questions. All of this has planted a seed in me to start my own personal practice and I am making progress toward that goal. On a more practical level, there were many options offered for make-up classes. This was very helpful considering how busy our lives are these days.

Overall, the Yoga Makeover Program at PCYH was enjoyable as well as helpful and informative. I highly recommend it to everyone -- those who have a regular practice as well as those who have never taken a class!! Enjoy and Namaste.

- Suzanne Faherty

Hurricane Sandy, pneumonia and some other personal issues prevented me from fully participating in {last year's Therapeutic Yoga} training, so I chose to step away. Well, now I'm back and am more excited than ever, because I learned so many wonderful things in the few classes I attended. I cannot even imagine how much better it will be this year. Learning with Andrea, Jaya and Wendy helped me understand how to make appropriate adjustments for our students who may require them, and they also taught me how to develop a deep appreciation for the asanas and how they heal our bodies.

- Subhadra

Andrea Sacchetti has a wonderful ability to determine what a person needs in entering a yoga program. I am impressed with her overall knowledge of the practices and teachings of yoga, and with her ability to create programs that are healthy and safe. I now know that yoga is an important component in maintaining healthy movement, and Andrea has the skill to understand the yoga methods to help achieve long term health benefits.

- D. Hoffman of Princeton

Andrea has been my yoga teacher for several years. We meet in my home once a week and she gives me more than her full attention. In addition to helping me learn/improve my yoga skills, what I value most is her ability to intuitively understand my various physical limitations and to adapt the practice according to my specific needs. She has taught me valuable lessons in how to practice yoga safely, so that I do not exacerbate any injury or cause myself any harm. I feel as though I have my very own personal yoga teacher and therapist who is very much in tune with what I need.

Without exception, a practice with Andrea results in an amazing reduction in my stress levels. I often practice what she has taught me when I find myself in particularly stressful situations -- and it helps!

- Ruth Getter

Andrea seems to be a person who is more at peace than most people, and she has the ability to share that gift with others, I am always awed by her sensitivity and understanding -- she always seems to know where I am -- and helps me get to where I want or need to be.

- anon

Greetings Andrea:

...It has been through your hard work and diligence that has given this endeavor the energy to achieve this much. You are the one who has done the "leg work and heavy lifting" to give this program life. I, as I am sure with others who are now involved, would not have been aware of such a meaningful and worthwhile program as this if not for all that you have done. I am eternally grateful for this as it had not only given me the opportunity to serve, but also to meet and get acquainted with such an uplifting, caring and professional person as yourself.

- Frank

Hi Andrea:

My face still looks like a swollen pumpkin, but it’s getting better. As usual I underestimated how long the recovery would take.... By the way, the surgeon was impressed with how calm I was during the surgery. I didn’t even try to explain “soooo – hummm” to him. I just gave him an enigmatic smile.

Love, Ruth

And last, regarding teaching yoga in the Juvenile Justice system:

I learned so much from this experience. Thank you for putting the program together.... The last night was bittersweet. To see the amazing changes in the girls and yet know that the program is ending....

Many thanks and blessings to you

- Suzette

I am so happy about my lesson yesterday and the adduc and abduc work as my legs felt really good today and stronger and i did it this morning , not too much but its really good. Got rid of a lot of leg pain. Thank you....

In Gratitude and Respect

- Tovah

Note: The early registration discount for the upcoming Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training expires December 5th. For more information or to register, go to IYIPrinceton.com and/or TGRYoga.com.

Feel free to contact Andrea with any questions, or to discuss, at yogacalling@gmail.com